Innovation Watch: Electronic Stethoscopes

Eko Core Electronic Stethoscope System

Eko Core Electronic Stethoscope

Eko Devices brings heart sounds to the mHealth arena with their Eko Core stethoscope peripheral and iOS app. The Eko app is a simple transmission platform that sends a patient’s phonocardiogram to an online portal.

The Eko Core consists of a Bluetooth module that can be inserted between the chestpiece and tubing of any standard binaural stethoscope.  This means that the device can be used with a clinician’s existing stethoscope, though Eko also offers their own analog stethoscope for those clinicians who might hesitate to use an existing stethoscope with the Bluetooth module.  This ability to use an existing stethoscope, rather than replacing it outright, is one of the unique elements of this product.