Desktop Video Applications

About This Technology - discusses how desktop video systems fit into existing video conferencing infrastructure within the Technology Overview section, while the Deployment and Support section looks specifically at the components required to install the systems.  A section on Resources provides some links to other information available on this topic, and a topic addressing Standards looks at the alphabet soup surrounding video conferencing, providing clarity as to what they all mean.

Decision Process - looks at how an organization should think through choosing an appropriate product.  A Whitepaper walks through the process, while a Decision Flowchart helps direct the questions that will inform the product-selection process.  A Product Comparison looks at many of the vendors within the desktop video conferencing field, addressing how they compare across a range of features.  The field of desktop video is abuzz with the topic of Skype, so a separate section looks at what Skype is, how it compares to other products, and provides some questions and guidance for organizations considering implementing it.