Electronic Stethoscopes

About This Technology - includes a Technology Overview which explains and examines each aspect of electronic stethoscope technology. It also contains guidelines for Deploying this technology as a part of your Telehealth program and then resources to Support a successful deployment. A section on Resources provides a comprehensive literature review and shares the resources used in preparing this toolkit. Finally, a section addressing Standards looks at any existing published standards surrounding electronic stethoscope use in Telehealth.

Assessment Process – walks you through the work that goes into choosing an electronic stethoscope for your Telehealth program. Sections include a Whitepaper that examines the process used by the TTAC in assessing electronic stethoscopes for this toolkit, which also includes documentation templates that can be used as part of your program’s technology assessment. Included is a step by step Assessment Guide for all aspects of an electronic stethoscope technology assessment. In the Product Cut Sheet and Product Information sections you can find specific information on each electronic stethoscope that the TTAC assessed, along with some product recordings in the Sample Sounds section.

Assessment Results - compiles the evaluation that we have completed for this toolkit. It includes the data set of TTAC results performed and vetted by the assessment center team, as well as clinical user results that have been obtained.