Electronic Stethoscopes - E-Scope Telehealth Model

 E-Scope Telehealth Model


Electronic Stethoscopes - E-Scope Telehealth - Detailed
Electronic Stethoscopes - E-Scope Telehealth Unit
Manufacturer Address
910 Bay Star Blvd.
Webster, TX 77598
Manufacturer Web Address
Model Name
E-Scope II Telehealth Model
List Price
Our Price
FDA Classification
Class II
Power Supply
1 AAA Alkaline Battery
Technical Support Options
Lifetime technical support, call 281-488-5901. Do not attempt to repair, return to manufacturer.
1 yr
Temperature Range Storage
-20°C - 65°C (-4°F - 149°F), in <95% relative humidity.
Temperature Range Usage
Unavailable from manufacturer
Product Dimensions
Unavailable from manufacturer
6.2 oz
Battery Life
One AAA can power for 5 months at 6hrs use/week or 30 uses per day.
Battery Replacement Period
When the stethoscope quits working.
Low Battery Indicator
Digital or Amplifying or Both
Amplification Amount
27db @ 200Hz, max 124db undistorted
Output Options (Audio/USB/Serial)
Audio (Using proprietary cord)
Network Transfer Options
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Bell
20-650 Hz
Frequency Diaphragm
70-2000 Hz
Frequency Extended
Ambient Noise Reduction
Replacement Parts
Yes, available for purchase from manufacturer
Latex Free (Yes/No)
Diaphragm (Hardware/Electronic)
Electronic & Hardware (Manual Change Bell & Diaphragm)
Ear Tips/Headphones/Both
Headphones, proprietary supplied by manufacturer.  
Ear Tip Characteristics
Tubing Length
38 inches
Volume Adjustment (Yes/No)
Yes, 64 steps from highest to lowest position.
Auto Off/Power Save Options
Auto off after 1.5 minutes
Clean using a standard alcohol swab or wipe (70% isopropyl alcohol). Do not use excessive liquid or immerse any part of the E-Scope, doing so may result in moisture getting inside the unit.
Number of Parts
2 (unit and headphones)
Integrated Software Package (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis)
Yes (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis of lung sounds)
Accompanying Software Name
STG Stereographics
Additional Hardware Features (Visual Waveform, SpO2, HR, Visual Indicators)
Carrying Case
Functional Aspects
Powering Up
Press any button on the head of the chest piece to power unit on. No visual or audible indicator. No distinct button.
Power Indicator Light
Type of On/Off Switch
No distinct button to turn unit on, no button will turn unit off. No indication when unit turns off.
Modes Available
Bell & Diaphragm
Changing Modes
Manually screw on and off a number of bell and diaphragm attachments (adult diaphragm, pediatric bell, and neonatal bell). Once bell/diaphragm hardware selected, you can turn the unit on and press the circle button on the head of the chest piece to select bell or diaphragm mode. There is not visual or audible indicator of mode.
Changing Volume
Press the +/- button on the head of the chest piece. There are 64 steps between highest and lowest volume positions. You can press and hold the +/- buttons to move volume positions. There is no visual or audio indicator.
Mute Button
Auto Shut Off
Automatic timer to turn off at 1.5 minutes after last button push. Does not retain settings.
Powering Off
Automatic timer turns off after approxmately 1.5 minutes. No way to manually power it down, no real indication when unit turns off.
Retained Settings
Retains audio. Does not include an indicator of current audio settings.
Recording Options
Does it Require Separate Send/Receive Unit
Interface (how?, what mechanism)
Utilizes a proprietary audio output cable (proprietary connecter to 3.5mm).
High quality headphones included. Wide range of volume adjustments. Wide range of user changeable bells and diaphragms.
Headphone output requires 3.5mm mono plug; most standard headphones are stereo (a mono to stereo adaptor would be required to utilize different headphones). Requires physically changing bell/diaphragm chest pieces. No visual or audible indicators for mode or volume adjustments. Utilizes proprietary cable. Overall length of cabling is 6 feet, which can easily become tangled or result in awkward handling.
Instruction Manual
Clear, concise.
PDF Version Available Online

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