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Made in Taiwan, (Distributor) MABIS Healthcare Division of DMS Holdings Inc.
Manufacturer Address
1931 Norman Drive South Waukegan, IL 60085 USA
Manufacturer Web Address
Home Health Super Store, Cardinal Health, etc…
Model Name
MABIS Signature Electronic Stethoscope Model 10-400-020
List Price
Our Price
FDA Classification
Class II
Power Supply
3 LR44 batteries or equivalent
Technical Support Options
Return to the Manufacturer postage prepaid, Support phone 800-526-4753 Weekdays 8A-6P EST
3 yr limited
Temperature Range Storage
-4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C) and 15%-95% relative humidity
Temperature Range Usage
-5°F - 60°F (-21°C - 16°C) and 20%-95% relative humidity
Product Dimensions
Unavailable from manufacturer
2.3 lbs (questionable)
Battery Life
Unavailable from manufacturer
Battery Replacement Period
When the yellow and orange LEDs remain illuminated upon turning the unit on.
Low Battery Indicator
Yes. Yellow and Orange LEDs remain illuminated upon turning the unit on.
Digital or Amplifying or Both
Amplification Amount
3dB +/-2% of each volume level
Output Options (Audio/USB/Serial)
Network Transfer Options
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Bell
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Diaphragm
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Extended
Unavailable from manufacturer
Ambient Noise Reduction
Built in computer chip that eliminates aphonic and resonance effects.
Replacement Parts
1 set of extra ear tips included. Eartips, Diaphragm, Diaphragm Retaining Ring, and Battery Cover available from distributor MABIS Healthcare.
Latex Free (Yes/No)
Diaphragm (Hardware/Electronic)
Ear Tips/Headphones/Both
Ear Tips, binaurals
Ear Tip Characteristics
Soft, screw off, replaceable.
Tubing Length
22 inch Y-Tubing
Volume Adjustment (Yes/No)
Yes, level 1-8
Auto Off/Power Save Options
After 2 minutes of use unit automatically shuts off.
To extend the life of your Electronic Stethoscope, avoid extreme changes in temperature, solvents and oils. Eartips, binaurals, plastic tubing, control box and chestpiece can be cleaned with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Do not immerse your Stethoscope into any liquid or use high thermal sterilization processes. Eartips should be removed for a more thorough cleaning. Use only LR44 batteries or equivalent. Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the Electronic Stethoscope. Recommended storage temperatures conditions are -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C) and 15%-95% relative humidity. Recommended usage temperatures conditions are -5°F - 60°F (-21°C - 16°C) and 20%-95% relative humidity.
Number of Parts
1, unit
Integrated Software Package (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis)
None, N/A no data output.
Accompanying Software Name
Additional Hardware Features (Visual Waveform, SpO2, HR, Visual Indicators)
Carrying Case
Functional Aspects
Powering Up
Press the + or – button.
Power Indicator Light
Yes, green and orange LEDs flash 3 times when turned on.
Type of On/Off Switch
Button on tubing, no dedicated button, use +/- to turn on and M button to turn off.
Modes Available
Bell, Diaphragm, Extended
Changing Modes
Press the “M” button, indicator LEDs change from green, to orange, to yellow. No labeling of mode associated with light color. LEDs used can appear illuminated even when they are not.
Changing Volume
8 volume levels, press + and – buttons located on tubing. No audible or visual indicator.
Mute Button
Auto Shut Off
Yes, 100 seconds after the last keyed event.
Powering Off
Press the M button and hold 3 seconds. No clear button. Green and orange LEDs flash 3 times, unit off.
Retained Settings
Yes, volume & mode. (However, visually unclear)
Recording Options
No. Amplifying Only.
Does it Require Separate Send/Receive Unit
Interface (how?, what mechanism)
No. Amplifying Only.
Single Unit.
Requires 3 button batteries. The binaural button/slider looks like the on/off switch. Very uncomfortable in the ears. Indicators LEDs reflective, so they look like they are always on. The indicator lights do not stay on when you change modes, they just flash once. Indicator lights have no labels. No visual indicator of volume output level.
Instructional Manual
Small physical size. Graphic quality adequate.
PDF Version Available Online

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