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ThinkLabs Inc.
Manufacturer Address
6571 South Pontiac Court
Centennial, CO 80111
Manufacturer Web Address
ThinkLabs Inc.
Model Name
Rhythm ds32a High Resolution Stethoscope with EmD100 Diaphragm
List Price
Our Price
FDA Classification
Class II
Power Supply
Technical Support Options
Do not attempt to modify or repair this device yourself. If you experience problems send the device to ThinkLabs for repair. See the support page at, or call 303-521-5023.
1 year from invoice date against manufacturing or material defects.
Temperature Range Storage
-4°F – 110°F; avoid heat, cold and humidity.
Temperature Range Usage
Room temperature; avoid heat, cold and humidity.
Product Dimensions
29 inches
6 oz./180g
Battery Life
Variable, depends on use. Diaphragm mode consumes more power. Intentionally not provided by the manufacturer.
Battery Replacement Period
Replace batteries the within the day the indicator light is noticed on.
Low Battery Indicator
Yes, red light indicated on chest piece.
Digital or Amplifying or Both
Amplification Amount
50X, Amplify button with volume dial 1-10.
Output Options (Audio/USB/Serial)
Audio, proprietary Cable required, 2.5mm ($25)
Network Transfer Options
15Hz – 20,000 Hz
Frequency Bell
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Diaphragm
Unavailable from manufacturer
Frequency Extended
N/A, only bell and diaphragm modes.
Ambient Noise Reduction
Yes, acoustic aperture ring manually rotated open and closed and 2nd signal processing. Can turn off by pressing & holding the bell/diaphragm button 3 seconds.
Replacement Parts
Available from the manufacturer
Latex Free (Yes/No)
Diaphragm (Hardware/Electronic)
Ear Tips/Headphones/Both
Ear Tips, binaurals. User also has the ability to plug headphones or a second stethoscope into the audio output jack for an additional headset.
Ear Tip Characteristics
Replaceable, proprietary, oddly shaped, silicone tips.
Tubing Length
15 inches
Volume Adjustment (Yes/No)
Auto Off/Power Save Options
Yes. After 120 seconds, programmable.
Use only AAA Alkaline batteries. The stethoscope will not function if battery voltage is depleted. Use Fresh batteries and replace when indicated. Do not sterilize this device or immerse it in liquids. Clean using alcohol swabs or non-abrasive cloth lightly dampened with alcohol or water. Avoid use/storage in very high humidity, high temperature or dusty conditions. Leaving the device in excessively hot or cold vehicles is NOT recommended. This stethoscope has been tested to be resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI & ESD). However, it may be susceptible to stray electromagnetic fields. If unexpected sounds are heard, change location, or move away from possible sources of interference, such as cellular telephones or wireless devices. Avoid tightly folding the unit and placing it in a pocket. Avoid excessive force on parts and dropping, damage could result. Remove batteries if device is not to be used for a period of months.
Number of Parts
1 (unit)
Integrated Software Package (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis)
Yes. (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis)
Accompanying Software Name
ThinkLabs Phonocardiology Software
Additional Hardware Features (Visual Waveform, SpO2, HR, Visual Indicators)
Carrying Case
Functional Aspects
Powering Up (How?)
Press and hold the button, while looking at chest piece.
Power Indicator Light
Yes. LED lights up on the head of the chest piece.
Type of On/Off Switch
Button on Tubing. Clearly labeled, but hard to view while wearing headset. Accidently pressed when trying to press amplify button.
Modes Available
Bell & Diaphragm
Changing Modes
Mode switch button located on tubing at base of binaurals, hard to see while using or wearing. Indicator lights located on head of chest piece. Icons unclear.
Changing Volume
Press amplify button and turn dial from 1-10 to adjust sound level. Dial located on back of unit, impossible to see when wearing stethoscope.
Mute Button
Auto Shut Off
Yes. 2 minutes after last button push. User programmable 2-5 minutes.
Powering Off
Distinct button located on tubing. Difficult to see when wearing. LED indication on head of chest piece, clearly indicates when off.
Retained Settings
Yes (Bell, Diaphragm & amplification setting) LEDs indicate current setting. User can also preset power-on mode. To utilize, press and hold power button 5 seconds on power up.
Recording Options
Does it Require Separate Send/Receive Unit
Utilizes a proprietary audio output cable.
Single Stethoscope Unit. Does a pretty good job of amplifying. Ear tips are comfortable. Has Bell and Diaphragm functionality with visual indicators.
With stethoscope in ears, can’t see buttons to turn the unit on and off. Easily mistakable button selection. Turning on stethoscope while in ears produces a loud popping noise. Ear tips broke off during normal use during the testing process. Inconsistencies in powering up related to button pressing. Visual displays are confusing when switching between Bell and Diaphragm mode. Only works in 2 minute intervals.
Instructional Manual
Clear, concise. Contains a getting started guide with pictures.
PDF Version Available Online

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