Electronic Stethoscopes - TR-1/EF Telehealth Technologies

TR-1/EF Telehealth Technologies


Electronic Stethoscopes - TR1-EF
RNK Products, Inc (Telehealth Technologies)
Manufacturer Address
4195 US Hwy 1, Suite 101
Rockledge, FL 32955
Manufacturer Web Address
Telehealth Technologies , AMD Global Telemedicine  & GlobalMedia Innovative Telemedicine
Model Name
TR-1, TR-1/EF, TR-USB Telephonic Stethoscope
List Price
Our Price
FDA Classification
Class II
Power Supply
Plug into a 115 vac wall outlet or plug into computer USB terminal. When units are plugged in, LED indicator lights will be illuminated on the stethoscope module.
Technical Support Options
Contact the manufacturer, units will be repaired and/or replaced as appropriate.
Any failed units should be returned to the manufacturer for repair.
Temperature Range Storage
0 - 50°C
Temperature Range Usage
10 - 40°C and relative humidity range of 30% - 75%
Product Dimensions
2.6”W x 4.3”D x 0.9”H
Battery Life
Battery Replacement Period
Low Battery Indicator
Digital or Amplifying or Both
Amplification Amount
Up to about 30 times
Output Options (Audio/USB/Serial)
USB & Serial
Network Transfer Options
Data Channel of VTC Equipment, IP network, and Ordinary Telephone Lines
20Hz - 1400Hz
Frequency Bell
20Hz - 250Hz
Frequency Diaphragm
20Hz - 1400Hz
Frequency Extended
Ambient Noise Reduction
Replacement Parts
Available for purchase from manufacturer
Latex Free (Yes/No)
Diaphragm (Hardware/Electronic)
Electronic (Switch on Hardware)
Ear Tips/Headphones/Both
Ear Tip Characteristics
N/A, detachable corded headphone set
Tubing Length
N/A, detachable corded chest piece module
Volume Adjustment (Yes/No)
Yes, volume dial on telephonic stethoscope unit
Auto Off/Power Save Options
The TR-1 Telephonic Stethoscope may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with continuous oxygen or nitrous oxide. There is no maintenance or scheduled calibration required.
Number of Parts
4 (Send Unit, Receive Unit, Chest Piece, Headphones)
Integrated Software Package (Capture/S&F/Analysis/Diagnosis)
Yes (Capture and S&F)
Accompanying Software Name
AFHCAN t-Consult Cart and t-Consult Web
Additional Hardware Features (Visual Waveform, SpO2, HR, Visual Indicators)
Carrying Case
Functional Aspects
Powering Up
Plug power cable into power input on both send and receive units. Unit turns on automatically when plugged in.
Power Indicator Light
Green LED located on the top of dual function Send/Receive units.
Type of On/Off Switch
None. Unable to independently power unit on and off.
Modes Available
Bell & Diaphragm
Changing Modes
Clearly labeled (B/D) physical toggle switch, located on the dual function Send/Receive units. Can be controlled independently on either Send/Receive unit.
Changing Volume
Clearly labeled (knob has mark to indicate current volume level) located on the top of the dual function Send/Receive units. Can be controlled independently on either Send/Receive unit.
Mute Button
Auto Shut Off
Powering Off
Unplug power cable from power input on each Send/Receive unit. Power turns off automatically when unplugged. LEDs turn off.
Retained Settings
Both mode and volume will be retained unless physically changed by the end user while the unit is powered off.
Recording Options
Does it Require Separate Send/Receive Unit
No, can operate as a standalone unit. May also communicate with another dual functioning Send/Receive unit at remote end. (Send & Receive)
Interface (how?, what mechanism)
Serial cable or USB cable, 3.5mm audio (headphone output)
Can be used as a standalone unit. Volume and filtering can be controlled independently on each Send/Receive unit. Small, lightweight, and portable device. Single module can perform transmit or receive functions.
Awkward to switch between transmit and receive mode, requires plugging and unplugging hardware. No distinct on/off switch. Lacking graphical indication of min/max on volume dial.
Instructional Manual
Clear, concise.
PDF Version Available Online
No, however available from the manufacturer by request.

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