mHealth App Selection - Tested Glucometers


Our first step in any assessment plan is to familiarize ourselves with the technology.  We unpackaged each glucometer, photographed the contents, and assigned each kit its own shoebox-sized container.  During testing, it is easy to get components mixed up, so having them distinctly contained and separated helps ensure the equipment and its parts stay intact.  Below is a product comparison table that was created as a quick reference guide to compare the distinct features of each glucometer, with manufacturer’s websites listed below the table:

Glucometer App Type Readings Stored Online Portal?
Upload Method
Base Price
iBG*Star iOS 300 No
30-pin male end on
meter connects to
iPhone or iPod touch

Free app

$100 meter

myglucohealth Android 255 Yes Bluetooth

Free app

$64 meter

& iOS
300 Yes Cellular

Free app

$150 starter kit



iBG Star MyGlucoHealth TelCare