Technology Assessment 101

The following toolkit focuses on broader concepts related to technology assessment, as opposed to the more device-specific guidance provided in the other toolkits offered by the TTAC.  It explains various steps in the process, as well as some of the information that should be gathered and documented in an evaluation process.

Technology assessment can be a challenging endeavor for an organization, as many of the skills are not well-developed in a clinical environment. Fortunately, a lot of the work that goes on, when broken down, is managable and even familiar to those who are  tasked with doing it.  In short, an organization should  gather information (about their needs and the market), plan and perform tests on the devices in the evaluation, analyze the results to make a decision, and put in place a plan to purchase and support the devices.

Click here to read an overview of the entire process, or click the above links to view information on each segment of the toolkit.  Additionally, the slides from a webinar on technology assessment are available here.