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Jedmed Digicam Video Otoscope

Video Otoscopes at TTAC - JEDMED Digicam

Product Name

JEDMED Digicam 2.0 HD/HNDL C-Mount 64 BIT with coupler and Otoscope attachment

Model Name/Number

Digicam 2.0 system complete 70-5510, G3 light source complete 99-7740, mighty bright with USB 99-7870



5416 JEDMED Court

St. Louis, MO 63129




1 yr according to company warranty conditions

Product Description:

Light Source Dimensions

Might Brite USB LED=weighs less than 4 oz.

G3=5.250” x 3.625” x 2.812” (LxWxH) (134x92x72mm)  Weight: 0.95lbs, 0.43 kg. Power supply weight: 8.9 oz, 0.55lbs, 0.25kg.

Camera/Probe Dimensions

Length of housing 95mm, outer diameter 31mm, weight 100g

Number of Parts

4. Camera with attached USB cable, light source, coupler, ENT optics

Cables Included

USB attached to camera housing, additional USB and power cables for light sources.

Overall Type of Video Otoscope

Digicam 2.0 with Mighty Brite: Handheld Integrated

Digicam 2.0 with G3 light source: Handheld with external light source.

Speculum Type

Welch Allyn disposable with adaptor or JEDMED reusable

Inputs, Outputs, and Buttons:

USB, capture button


Video/ Image capture, image freeze

Connections: Video, PC, VTC




Manual focus ring on coupler



Image Capture

Button located on the camera head


Video Standard


Camera Sensor

1/3” CCD

Video Outputs

USB 2.0




Power Source

Power cord

Power Consumption


Battery Type




Light Source: Mighty Brite



Blub Life

Rated 50,000 + hrs

Light Source: G3


Solid state high-intensity LED

Blub Life

Rated 50,000 + hrs


Software Description

DigiCAM 2.0 USB drivers, MedicalEDA Software. Software has a patient entry interface. Allows for the capturing and storing of images, video footage, and live audio with streaming video. Also allows for zooming, editing images, and rotating images. Computer minimum requirements: Hardware: Pentium 4 min 2GHz/Pentium M 1.7GHz, Minimum 256MB of RAM (recommended 512 MB), USB 2.0 port. Software: Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7k Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher. Not compatible with MAC systems.

Care and Maintenance

After the camera cable has been connected to the camera head according to the markings and connected to a PC, the camera head will turn on. The button located on the top of the camera is used for capturing still images or video when using with the MedicalIEDA software.

Suggested Cleaning Procedure

The camera head and cable are NOT autoclavable. High temperatures will destroy the electronic components of the camera. Cleaning of the camera can be made by wiping down the camera with conventional cleaning solutions. Please ensure that no moisture gets inside the camera head. The contact plug is not water tight therefore never submerge the camera in any liquid. Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning solution.

Transportation and Storage

Operating temperature: 15°C to 37°C, Storage Temperature: -10°C to 60°C, Humidity <80%. Air pressure during operation: 700hpa – 1060hpa. Air pressure during transport/storage: 700hpa – 1060hpa.

TTAC Evaluation Information:

Power Source For Camera


Unit Power Source


Power Source For Light-G3

AC powered with DC power adapter brick.

Power Source For Light-LED Mighty Brite


Light Source For G3

External  LED light source with fiber optic light guide

Light Source for LED Mighty Brite

In line LED

Cable Length (Measured from Otoscope Tip to Light Source)

LED Mighty Brite light source cable 85", Digicam USB cable 82"

Pediatric Use




Rod Probe Component Present?


Support Flexible Scopes


Speculum Description

JEDMED non-disposable, or uses adapter for WA disposable.

Viewing Angle as Measured and Calculated by TTAC

40° with and without speculum

Depth of Field (Very Good, Adequate, Poor)

Very Good

Focus Ring Tension (Very Good, Adequate, Poor)

Very Good

Fine Grain Control (Very Good, Adequate, Poor)

Very Good

Lighting (Very Good, Adequate, Poor)

Very Good

General Notes On Device with G3 Light Source

Connected by USB to the computer, with light provided by the G3 light source.


G3 light source comments: Separate unit contains a small but powerful LED light. Power switch on box. JEDMED fiber optic cable attaches to the JEDMED probe assembly. Internal fan with minimal noise. Has a screw coupler for the fiber optic cable.


DigiCam Comments: Uses standard coupler and JEDMED optics. Easy to hold. Freeze/ Capture button located on handle.

General Notes On Device with LED Mighty Brite Light Source

Unit connected by USB to the computer, with light provided by the USB LED light source.


LED light source comments: Light, convenient, quite. Has independent power switch located on the cable. Connects directly into the JEDMED probe assembly. Looks bright, however does not provide as much light as other light sources (such as the G3 light).


DigiCam Comments: Uses standard coupler and JEDMED optics. Easy to hold. Freeze/ Capture button located on handle.